CAPITOLCANDLES are made of a high-quality soy wax blend and hand-poured into tins with brightly-colored labels. Compared to other types of candles, they burn longer, cleaner and retain their scent, which is derived from essential oils. The wick, with a paper core, is lead-free.

  • Large candles burn for 40 hours and measure 3.5″x 2.25″. Cost is $15.
  • Small candles burn for 18 hours and measure 2″x 1.75″. Cost is $7.
  • A Personal Sampler package includes 4 small candles and costs $25.
Aqua Blue Democrat Candle
Legislative Luck Lavender Candle
Red Currant Republican Candle
Senatorial Sage Candle
Sine de Spice Candle
Veto Vanilla Candle